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QuitNet Clubs are created and maintained by members, and remain part of the QuitNet community. Club participants are bound by the same Acceptable Use Policy guidelines as members in the forums.

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~Keep Quit ~
A Celebration of Life
_Diabetic Quitters
_QStaff Vikki: QPets and Fitness
~~The Quitting Shack - Gramma CeeCee~~
2009 June Quitters
2012 August Quitters
2012 January quitters
2012 May Quitters
40-plus quitters
50 something quitters
60 plus club
Alberta Forum
Anxiety and Panic attack Suffers
Apathetic Club.
April 2012 Club
April 2014 Quitters
Atheist Quitters
August 2013 Quitters
August 2014 Quitters
BC Forum
Beck Diet Solution
Best Friends over 40 club
Book Lovers Club
Breast Cancer Survivors Club
Butt Busters
Canadian 3 Days only
Christian Music Videos
Christian Recovery Club
Closet Smoker Quitters
Colorado Quitters
COPD quit
Coping with Grief
Daily Pledge
Dash Board
Doctors of Quitology
e-cig users
Elder Lodge
February 2007 Quitters
February 2013 Fearless Fighters
February 2014 Quitters Clubhouse
Healthy Living

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Acceptable Use Policy
Because QuitNet clubs can be created by users and organized around any topic the users desire, their content is not managed in the same manner as the "official" QuitNet forums that have specific topical divisions. This does not mean, however, that 'anything goes' in QuitNet clubs. Adherence to our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) is a condition of participation in clubs just as it is in all other areas of the QuitNet. Explicit content of a sexual or violent nature will not be tolerated, and personal attacks, harassment, encouraging relapse, and/or 'stalking' will be dealt with quickly and firmly by QuitNet staff. All complaints will be investigated and Q members caught violating the AUP will face possible deactivation and/or permanent banning from the Quitnet. In addition, 'commercial posts' of any kind are not allowed. Any post in clubs promoting a commercial website/product (whether smoking related or not) by an individual or organization that profits from the sale of that product will immediately result in the post being removed and the author being banned from the clubs. As with all other Q features, you must register in order to participate in clubs. Registering takes only a moment and will open up the QuitNet's personalized content to you.

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Hide The Body Committee- A secretive group whose function would be (if it existed, which it doesn't) to clean up after the mayhem created by frustrated Quitters. Many of our members claim to have not belonged to the HTBC (not that it ever existed). But if it ever DID exist and if Qmembers WERE ever in it, the HTBC would only disappear the messes of other Quitters- never would it initiate destruction on its own. If it ever existed in the first place. Which we're not saying it does. Which, of course, it doesn't. See also: Celery is Under the Left Rear Tire.
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